We tried to give information about our main topics about salt and what we produce. This topic is also important for us because importing and exporting salt determined our actions. We will try to explain one of important subject; import salt. As we said before, Salt is one of the basic necessities of human beings. It is also one of the older commodities that was produced, exchanged and later traded. Countries import Salt because it need for culinary and domestic uses, is also employed in meat packing, fish curing and its preservation, dairying, preservation &processing of hides, manufacturing of soaps, detergent and dyestuff, dyeing and finishing off fabrics, refrigeration, leather industries, bakery products, in manufacturing artificial rubber and as a wood preservative generally. So as we see, there are many reason to import salt. Production of domestic salt sometimes fails to fulfill the local need for salt, so import salt is needed : for importing of salt should support by policy on import of salt. So effective implementation of the policy on import of salt will be important.

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