De-Icing Salt

Eurosalt de-icing is largely used in most of European countries confidently. Snow, Ice control solutions. Depending on the sort of salt used, it is usually heated or diluted. In melting snow, de-icing salt is the most efficient agent as long as the pavement temperature isn’t below -18°C.

Eurosalt de-icing salt is considered the best de-icer due to its properties. It has the power to lower the freezing point of water and therefore prevents a bond between ice and road surfaces.

Eurosalt De-icing Salt (Sodium chloride) is the most widely used de-icing agent in Europe and throughout the world due to its huge advantages over the alternatives.

It is the ideal de-icing material because:
It melts ice & snow rapidly.
It is widely-occurring and readily available
It is the most cheapest method as de-icer
It is much efficient, easy to use, easy to spread, store and handle
It is harmless to skin, clothing and environment


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