A nation's economy depends on its imports and exports. In this topic we will be explain why exporting salt is important and why we are trying to expand our export salt. Exporting salt has some small details. The salt business is also unique in several ways. Generally, one seller sells to only one buyer and also salt is very cheap product according to other export salt products. While export salt you should be careful about some subject for example salt is a low-value commodity and efficient use of logistics is the key to success in this business so have to consider when you are exporting salt. This makes the situation very difficult for a new entrant. In fact, export salt is more about logistics. So if you are newly entered this sector you should manage logistics cost properly when you are export salt. So exporting salt has some tricks. Eurosalt exporting salt so many countries and we are still trying to expand our market. If you decided to exporting your salt you should be aware of other competitor because there are many countries and salt producers exporting salt very suitable prices.

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