Granular Salt

Eurosalt is capable to produce very varity of granular sizes between 2-15 mm. Eurosalt granular salt used largely for light commercial water softening applications made and ideally suited for use in domestic water softeners and dishwashers. Sized at 2-6 mm to dissolve rapidly and work efficiently recommended, by leading water softener manufacturers, as indeed is the whole compacted product range.

The high purity of our granular salt ensures that the brine does not damage the integrity of the resin, the valves or the vessel used in your water softener. With the help of Eurosalt Granular salt, the entire system can work more efficiently and last longer.

Eurosalt granular salt (2- 3 mm) used largely for food process, fishery, canned products, dairy products, agricultural sectors. Our partners are pleased to use our food grade granular salt with confident. Our reliable quality gives us a reputable company that one of the leading supplier to food process companies.

It is compacted, crushed and sieved to create the optimum granular size and characteristics that give its major advantages over other granular salts.


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